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Surgery and Anaesthesia

Acorn Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of surgical services ranging from basic de-sexing operations to more advanced procedures. We have specialized equipment and facilities to deal with complicated soft tissue, orthopaedic and spinal surgeries. In addition to this, our veterinary surgeons have both the experience and training to perform many new and technically challenging procedures.

We treat each patient as an individual and will recommend the safest way to proceed with anaesthesia. This may involve using a different anaesthetic agent dependent on your pet’s health. We also may recommend using intravenous fluids during a general anaesthetic to make the procedure safer by maintaining blood pressure (and therefore blood flow around the body), allowing instant access to the blood stream (to administer drugs) and to help flush any anaesthetic agents out of the body quickly following the end of surgery.

It may also sometimes be advisable to perform a blood test prior to giving any general anaesthetic  to ensure your pet is healthy enough internally or to aid us to tailor-make a safer anaesthetic regime for your animal. During any anaesthetic, your pet will be closely observed by trained staff with the aid of advanced monitoring equipment.