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24 Hour Hospitalisation

We provide both hygienic and comfortable surroundings for any hospitalized animal. There is no direct contact between the animals in the hospital to minimize risk of any infection spreading. We also have separate wards for cats, small animals and those pets recovering from a surgical procedure to ensure peace and minimal stress from any un-necessary sounds and smells that other more threatening animals may cause.

Animals being given intravenous fluids will have the fluid administered by infusion pumps, which can accurately control the fluid flow and even warm up the fluids when required for hypothermic animals. We also are able to provide continuous flow of oxygen to those pets that may have breathing difficulties.

We also guarantee that your pets will be closely monitored during their stay in the hospital. We often will pamper them as much as possible to ensure a comfortable and less stressful boarding, as we know that this will help them to recover more swiftly.